Plain Naan Plain Naan A bread made of a milk enriched refined flour dough, topped with onion seeds and baked in the tandoor.
€ 1.99
Garlic Naan Garlic Naan Naan with a medley of garlic.
€ 2.40
Garlic Coriander Naan Garlic Coriander Naan Naan with a medley of garlic and fresh coriander
€ 2.40
GOC Naan GOC Naan Naan with a medley of garlic, red onions and fresh coriander.
€ 2.50
Samarkhand Naan Samarkhand Naan A rich naan bread, baked with a semi-sweet stuffing of coconut, almonds and raisins.
€ 3.00
Goat Cheese Kulcha Goat Cheese Kulcha Naan bread stuffed with grated goat’s cheese, chopped red onion and scallions.
€ 3.00
Keema Naan Keema Naan Naan bread stuffed with fresh lamb mince, chilli spices and fresh coriander.
€ 3.00
Tandoori Roti Tandoori Roti This rustic bread is made of whole-wheat and is staple of Raikas camel breeding tribe of the Thar Desert.
€ 1.90

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