Sea Food Dishes

Tandoori King Prawn Makhani Tandoori King Prawn Makhani Jumbo king prawns marinated in cream and toasted gram flour, barbequed in tandoor to infuse the unmistakable ‘char grilled’ flavour typical to all Tandoori kebabs, simmered in a mild creamy tomato sauce.
€ 12.50
Prawn Patiya Prawn Patiya Hot, sweet ‘n’ sour prawn curry flavoured with a potent chilli and palm vinegar paste, this dish hails from Goa, known for its golden palm beaches and seafood cuisine.
€ 9.50
Prawn Korma Prawn Korma A rich creamy dish cooked with almond, coconut, cardamom, kewara and ground onion and fresh cream.
€ 9.50
Bengali Fish Curry Bengali Fish Curry From the sunderban delta comes this dish, a Bengali fish curry in which Red Snapper is shallow fried in a trio of turmeric, ginger and milled mustard, then simmered in a tomato cumin sauce flavoured with Indian pickling five spices.
€ 9.50
Prawn Balti Prawn Balti Warm Water Tiger prawns renowned for their intense flavour, tossed in a tomato onion sauce with capsicum, cubed onions and green coriander
€ 9.50
Prawn Bazori Prawn Bazori Prawn cooked with mild chilli,cumin powder, ground almond, onion and Tomato sauce with touch of coconut milk.
€ 9.50

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