Beef Dishes

Beef Jalferzi Beef Jalferzi Tender pieces of 100% Irish beef tossed in an onion and tomato Sauce with capsicum spiced up with a tempering of cumin, aniseed and onion seeds.
€ 8.50
Beef Pandoo Beef Pandoo Noisettes of beef curried in fiery chilli sauce, recommended for all you vindaloo lovers.
€ 8.50
Desi Beef Masala Desi Beef Masala Beef Diced cooked with cloves, coriander, ginger, garlic, fresh green chillies in Tomato and onion sauce with beautiful mint flavour.
€ 8.50
Beef Bazori Beef Bazori Beef Diced cooked with mild chilli, cumin powder, ground almond, onions and tomato sauce with touch of coconut milk.
€ 9.50

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